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Zakład Pierzarski Europolyester Jacek Szmidt is a company engaged in the acquisition, processing, and processing of feathers.

Our offer

Sale of feathers and down of the highest quality,

Feather – floccus sale blends,

Sale of finished products – pillows, quilts.

Additionally our Company offer sewing services for filling feathers or down pillows and quilts depending on the needs of the customer.

About us

Achieved excellent things over time, you need a great effort and as much time to get something perfect… Ours excellent is builit from decades

Europolyester – Jacek Szmidt is family company whose traditions date back to pre-war. Multigenerational experience and the latest technology used in production processes allow us to offer you products and services of the highest quality.


Description of process wash feather and down

The technological process of laundering feather is laundry in the unit of the German company Conrad Engelke and LORCH which includes:

Washing machine – a centrifuge, dryer, fridge-de-dusting machine,

Washer, centrifuge, dryer, fridge-de-dusting machine.


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Sales department:

Cordially invite you to visit our offices in Dabrowa near the Slesin (Poland)